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  • VACANT, Assistant Recording Secretary

  • Cassietta Jefferson, Assistant Corresponding Secretary

  • Shelane Daniels, Chair, Budget and Finance

  • Cicely Morgan, Co-Chair, Budget and Finance

  • Toni Coleman- Harvey, Assistant Treasurer

  • VACANT, Assistant Treasurer  

  • Dr. Rebecca Rogers, Assistant Financial Secretary

  • Stacey Wise, Assistant Financial Secretary

  • Virginia Irwin, Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms

  • Susan Blow, Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms

  • Shanice Stevens, Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms

  • Davette Walker, Custodian/Document Retention

  • Rev. Denise Ogletree-McGuinn, Chaplain’s Council

  • Constance Turner Jackson, Chaplain’s Council

  • Sheryl McDonald, Chaplain’s Council

  • Rachel Oliver Cobbin, Chaplain’s Council

  • Vivian Bass Gray, Chaplain’s Council

  • Lori Coleman, Chaplain’s Council

  • Jacqueline Triplett, Chaplain’s Council

  • Susan Blow, Chair, Nominating Committee

  • Kay Behn, Member, Nominating Committee

  • Dr. Esther Langston, Member, Nominating Committee

  • Dr. Barbara Jackson, Nominating Committee

  • Jacqueline Wilks, Nominating Committee

  • Audra Griner, Chair, Internal Audit Committee

  • Veleta Pasley, Member, Internal Audit Committee

  • Dr. Willie B. Smith, Member, Internal Audit Committee

  • Kelley Jones, Member, Internal Audit Committee

  • vacant, Member, Internal Audit Committee

  • Dr. Sandra F. Mack, Parliamentarian

  • Eva Goins Simmons, Assistant Parliamentarian

  • Nya Deavens Berry, Risk Management Coordinator

  • Verna Stringer, Risk Management Coordinator

  • Tami Bass, Immediate Past President

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